About Me

Ever since I was a child I have been passionate about food. I studied catering, then bread making and confectionary in The College of Business Studies in Belfast, but when I was introduced to patisserie, I realised that was where my heart would take me. 

After graduating college, I entered the pastry kitchens of Selfridges and The Ritz Hotel in London and trained for three years. I worked for Albert Roux in ‘The House of Albert Roux’ London, Paul Rankin’s Michelin Star Roscoff, Belfast and Sir Terrence Conran’s Sartoria, London. I spent over twelve years developing the craft and I’m still learning.

I returned home to Northern Ireland to raise my family. I spent time at home with my children and studied Food Science and Technology. 

I received a call from a designer friend, to ask if I could arrange food onto a plate for photography and my career as a food stylist began. I was completely intrigued and had to learn more. As a pastry chef, I was always interested in the visual aspect of food. 

I spent ten years learning, practicing and perfecting food styling for still photography and then, gradually my business expanded into moving images in the form of television commercials, videography and eventually film.  

I was part of the phenomenal Game of Thrones (Seasons 1 – 4) and created the Stallions Heart for Daenerys Targaryen, a wonderful and very cool opportunity for everyone involved. We had no idea what the show would become! My current position as a Home Economist is with The School for Good and Evil, a New Regency Production for Netflix. 


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